Free Volunteer-Powered Festival of Arts, Games & Innovation
Saturday June 9, 2018   12-8pm
Lapolt Park, Liberty NY
Rain or Shine

My Town, Your Town, Our Town

Liberty is in the midst of a vibrant Renaissance, fueled by the many changes happening in Sullivan County. By inviting the community to engage in volunteerism (aka contributionism), this transformation can be enacted faster and to the benefit of the widest cross-section of residents & visitors. it also gives us all an opportunity to learn what incredible talent and vision we have right under our noses!

What Talent can YOU Share?

The Liberty Rising Festival will feature games, workshops, musical performances, arts & crafts, magic show, cake contest and much more!

We are looking for Volunteers, Workshop Leaders, Games Facilitators,  Makers & Fixers to help make this an unforgettable festival! Please use the contact form at the bottom of each page to let us know how you’d like to be involved.

Do you need volunteers for your organization? Non-profits are welcome to set up a table for sign-ups! Please contact us to reserve a space.

Working together – we can accomplish the impossible!

From diners to pubs to cafes to church BBQs to a mouthwatering selection of ethnic restaurants, you’ll find a range of excellent dining choices just a few steps away from the festival. A “food map” will be available on site to help  festival-goers choose where to eat.

Ask Not What Liberty Can Do For You –
But What You Can Do For Liberty