Why Volunteer?

Is your organization looking for volunteers or interns?
You’re welcome to set up a table at the festival or include your information on the Volunteer Connection page of the website.  Contact meg @ liberty-rising.org for more information.

– Volunteerism makes a significant contribution to the local economy

– Volunteerism enhances the social connections between different sectors, builds a bridge between government, business and residents

– Volunteerism helps build a more cohesive, safer, stronger community, increases the social network between communities & neighborhoods

– Volunteerism promotes more active civic engagement

– Volunteerism encourages more people work in the public sector, helps raise the educational performance of youth, helps lead the environmental movement

– Volunteerism has positive effects on individuals by: increasing self esteem, enhancing skills, expanding career opportunities


Approximately 140 million people in the 37 countries engage in volunteer work in a typical year, contributing the equivalent of $400 billion to the global economy, roughly the size of the 9th largest global economy.

Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies 2011

When parents and their children volunteer together, it sets the stage for life-long connection to each other and to community. http://www.createthegood.org/articles/familyvolunteering