We’re looking for donations for prizes (goods, services, gift certificates) and asking for tax-deductible donations from Liberty individuals ($20)  & businesses ($50 recommended) toward expenses so that as much as possible can be free to festival-goers.

Instead of having one or two corporate sponsors, we feel that asking for smaller contributions will more effectively build community spirit.

click here!Or, mail a check to Haven for Humanity, memo: Liberty Rising
317 Mud Pond Rd. Livingston Manor NY 12758

or via crypto (send contact info with payment via note)

Bitcoin BTC: 3A9yYzteEXrEcqdQ5zefqD1wqTUYEX9x3U
Ethereum ETH: 0x1f11f1C2218Ab9B27A16901daa2E22660143d431
Litecoin LTC:  MQ3aAh9emrHnjXbEkkZExZ3EokcK3SzjSM (or 3HqRrojgpjSMw2KLesZu8unqV41s83YzHu if non P2SH)

Thank You!!!