Cake Contest Rules & Regulations

The Liberty Rising Cake Contest is a way to show off your cake-baking & decorating skills!

Saturday June 9, 2018 12 – 7pm
LaPolt Park Parking Lot, Liberty NY

The contest will be judged on a point system according to 3 different criteria: beauty, originality & scrumptiousness. Cakes will be displayed for one hour, then served to the judges for immediate adjudication. Winners will be announced and prizes awarded at 7pm.


1pm: 8 – 12yo display
2pm: 8 – 12yo adjudication
3 pm: 13 – 17yo display
4 pm: 13 – 17yo adjudication
5pm: 18+ display
6pm: 18+ adjudication

Bakers Register Here:

(note: if you registered before April 17, please register again!)




Contest Rules:
Contestants must register through the website before June 5, 2018 to be eligible
Each cake must be made from scratch (no box mixes) and accompanied by a typed recipe listing all ingredients
Each cake should be based on 9″
No ice cream cakes!
Ingredients cost limit: $35 per cake
1 entry per person


Anyone who is not entered into the competition is eligible to be a judge for any one of the categories, with a limit of 10 judges per category. Sign up at least 1 hour before the adjudication process, 1st-come-1st-serve. Family members of the chefs are excluded from being judges in that category.

Any remaining cake will be offered to the crowd!